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“Zero Moment of Truth” – What Is Your Game Plan?

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Strategies For Winning The "Zero Moment Of Truth“ Zero Moment of Truth” may sound ominous but it is actually a marketing opportunity. First introduced by Google in 2011, “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT) - describes an evolution in the way consumers research and make purchases i Read More >

Repurpose Content To Extend Reach And Effectiveness

Posted by Linda Greenwald

How to Do More with Less by Repurposing Content for Different Audiences and Marketing Channels When planning your content marketing strategy – select topics that lend themselves to being packaged in multiple formats. The process of repurposing enables you to distribute the content topi Read More >

How To Create An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan

Posted by Linda Greenwald

How To Create An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan That Blends Online And Offline Tools The overarching goal of any marketing program is simple: To generate interest in your product or service so you can gain more customers and, ultimately, increase sales. And to do that, yo Read More >

How To Use Color Psychology for Website Design

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Color Psychology for Website Design When working with your web design company on your website, it is easy to be flustered by the bombardment of questions you get. Who is your target audience? What colors do you want? Which of these images do you like? Which layout do you like best? And so on.  Read More >

Locally Focused Web And Blog Content For Maryland Businesses

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Web Page Content Optimization For Local Search If your business operates solely on a local level – then, your website content should be search engine optimized for doing business locally. Website visitors and search engines want to know where your business is located and where it doe Read More >

Website Design for Maryland Construction Professionals

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Web Design Offers a Firm Foundation for Your Marketing Program When it comes to construction and web development Maryland companies have one thing in common: The competition is fierce. That means owners of both types of companies have to make an extra effort to make sure their businesses stand a Read More >

Website Content Overview

Posted by Linda Greenwald

This is the first in a series of blog posts that I am writing on website content. Websites differ greatly in content. Some are quite simple, containing all or mostly all text. It is becoming increasingly common for websites to include content in many other formats besides text. This ma Read More >

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