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How To Create An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan

Posted by Linda Greenwald

How To Create An Integrated Marketing Communications Campaign Plan That Blends Online And Offline Tools

Online and Offline Marketing Plan
The overarching goal of any marketing program is simple: To generate interest in your product or service so you can gain more customers and, ultimately, increase sales. And to do that, you need to reach your audience on as many fronts as possible, both online and offline. That's where integrated marketing comes in.
So what is integrated marketing?

Integrated marketing capitalizes on a concept known as effective frequency, which refers to the number of times a marketing message or ad needs to be repeated or seen before a customer truly absorbs the content and integrates it into his or her memory. 

In an integrated marketing campaign, every facet of marketing is developed using a unified approach that repeatedly underscores your message and your brand. That means that both online and offline, your product or service is marketed using the same or similar message to create one memorable experience. As a result, integration allows you to achieve effective frequency more quickly than a campaign that uses different messages or focuses on only one or a few channels.

Big budgets not necessary 

So does that mean you need a huge advertising budget to develop an effective integrated campaign? Absolutely not; in fact, because every component builds on the same message, integrated campaigns can be extremely cost effective, allowing you to “repurpose” content for different channels and audiences.

Trust? It's built in 

Another major advantage of the integrated approach is that it lets you build trust much more rapidly by offering potential customers a consistent experience across multiple contexts. For most consumers, consistency equals dependability, an important factor in building trust. Consistency also helps you position your company as one that's committed to its product and its goals, and it plays a major role in brand recognition.

You can do it.

There's no doubt about it: An integrated marketing campaign takes work and skill. But with the right tools and a true appreciation of how to capitalize on its advantages, it's an approach that can help you grow your brand, your customer base and your bottom line much more quickly.

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