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Locally Focused Web And Blog Content For Maryland Businesses

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Web Page Content Optimization For Local Search

If your business operates solely on a local level – then, your website content should be search engine optimized for doing business locally.

Website visitors and search engines want to know where your business is located and where it does business.

Search engines such as Google, need this information to do their job – which, is to have your company appear in organic search results that are appropriate for its location, products and services.

The algorithms developed by Google and the other search engines become more sophisticated with each evolution. Search engine web bots that crawl website pages are getting better and better at understanding naturally written text for search engine purposes.

Some companies have keyword stuffed their websites and written in an unnatural way to do so. Search engines frown upon this type of contrived content and can penalize a website’s ranking for having keyword stuffed content.

Locally Focused Content For Website And Blog

Search engines and website visitors will appreciate well-written, informative content on your website and attached blog.

Your website should provide useful content and include interactive features to engage your audience and demonstrate your company’s industry expertise.

Your website content should be of local interest and speak to the needs, wants and desires of your target market. The writing style should reflect the company’s personality. 

Where To Place Locally Focused Content on Your Website

Contact Page:  Details about where your business is located and where it does business should be included on the Contact page and on some of the other website pages too. Contact information can also be included in the footer of a website.

About Page:  The About Page is one (or more,) pages devoted to sharing a little bit about your company’s story – its mission, its people, its work, it’s personality, its locations… 

Community Involvement:   If your company is active in the community – then, dedicate one or more web pages to community involvement.

Case Studies:   Case study website pages are a good way to get across the type of work your company performs and where the work is performed. 

Events:  Events pages are a natural location to include content that conveys where your business is located and where it does business.

Location Specific Web Pages:  If your company has multiple locations – you should include a dedicated webpage for each location that, in addition to location information, provides details unique to that location.

Include Location Information in Title Tags and Meta Descriptions

Our earlier blog post - Your Great Looking Website Might Be Lacking Unique Title Tags and Meta Descriptions – provides information on how to write the meta data that resides in the code for each web page.

Lastly, remember to include social media in your content strategy. New website and blog content should be promoted on your social media pages to help generate interest and drive traffic to your website.

For help with content creation for your locally focused business - Contact Marketing Technology, Inc., located in Silver Spring, Maryland. We learn about your business and industry to produce engaging, locally focused website and blog content - that reflects your company brand and personality.



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