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Posted by Linda Greenwald

I asked Faith Zeff to write about how her father, Allan Prigal and, her husband, David Zeff, differentiate themselves as real estate agents.  Allan and David work together as the real estate agent team of Allan Prigal & Associates RE/MAX Realty Group, Gaithersburg, MD.  Faith handles their direct marketing efforts.  They understand that real estate agent branding includes cultivating long term relationships.

Meet and Understand Allan Prigal and Associates

Author:  Faith Zeff

Allan Prigal and Associates is comprised of two realtors.  Allan Prigal, who has been a real estate agent for over 20 years and David Zeff who is now in his 3rd year as an agent.  Allan Prigal and Associates is a part of RE/MAX Realty Group in Gaithersburg, MD.  Both agents work primarily in Montgomery, Howard, and Frederick Counties helping clients sell and buy homes.

Allan Prigal David Zeff Prigal & Associates Logo

Allan Prigal           David Zeff

Allan Prigal and Associates is different from many other real estate teams out there.  Why?  Because of the relationships they build with their clients.  Their motto “Your Personal Real Estate Consultants for Life” is truly how they do business.  Rather than looking at each client as one or two transactions they look at them as people to build a lifelong relationship with.  This attitude has allowed them to build a referral based business with the majority of their business coming from repeat clients and referrals.

Allan Prigal and David Zeff differentiate themselves from other agents by continuing the relationships they have with their clients even after a deal is completed.  With frequent personal notes mailed, phone calls made, birthday and anniversary cards sent, and client appreciation events the relationships they have with each and every client continues to grow long beyond the buying and selling process. 

Allan Prigal and Associates is constantly thriving to find new ways to continue the relationships they have built throughout the years.  While current clients’ needs are always a priority so are past clients.    Neither is put ahead of the other but instead both are given the time and attention needed to ensure a relationship for the future. 

It is easy for Realtors to forget how important it is to maintain relationships with clients being that it could be years before they become repeat clients again.  Allan Prigal and Associates, however, know the value of doing just this.  It is how they built their business and continue to grow it.  Clients of Allan Prigal and Associates will never just be clients but a true part of their real estate family.

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