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Repurpose Content To Extend Reach And Effectiveness

Posted by Linda Greenwald

How to Do More with Less by Repurposing Content for Different Audiences and Marketing Channels

When planning your content marketing strategy – select topics that lend themselves to being packaged in multiple formats. The process of repurposing enables you to distribute the content topic via multiple channels to reach the widest audience. 

Repurposing content enables you to get the greatest exposure for each topic. It allows your target audience to find your company via different channels, which helps to reinforce your brand. 

Here are some tips on how to repurpose content for different audiences and marketing channels:

Select a Topic to Create Content Around

For the purposes of this example  lets say that you own a dog training school and want to develop content that is centered around the types of dog training classes you offer.

You decide that you want to create content on the topic How To Teach Your Dog To Do Tricks For Money  which, is one of the classes you offer.

Choose multiple content formats

  • Blog Post:  The blog post can present an overview of the topic - providing examples and photos of dogs performing tricks with street performers for example. The blog post would include a link to the associated dog training class. 
  • Pinterest:  Post photos of dogs performing tricks with street performers to Pinterest. 
  • Video:  Create a video showing a dog performing tricks for money. Publish the video on YouTube. Display the video on your website.

  • Social Media:  Promote your content on your social media pages and include a mention and link to the associated dog training class.
  • Email Marketing:  Create an email marketing campaign that alerts your email list to the new blog post. The following email in the campaign would mention the photos on Pinterest and the third email in the campaign would mention the video. Each email would include a link to the associated dog training class.

Know Your Audience

There are many ways to repurpose content including the use of offline formats such as direct mail and print advertising. To get the greatest impact from repurposing content - make sure your content appears where your audience hangs out online and offline.

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