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Skillful Parenting Leads to Pleasurable Parenting

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Skillful Parenting Leads to Pleasurable Parenting

I asked Helen Nolan, Director of Skillful Parenting, to talk about the benefits of parent education programs. 

Helen Nolan

Skillful Parenting, Silver Spring, Md., provides parent education programs encompassing the prenatal stage to teens up to age 14. Helen conducts parenting workshops, seminars and private one-on-one parent coaching for expectant parents, parents, grandparents, caregivers and organizations.   
We enjoyed working with Skillful Parenting to develop a feature-rich, easy-to-manage, Business Catalyst website that provides website visitors with useful information about parenting and makes it easy for them to register for classes.  
Q&A with Helen Nolan, Skillful Parenting

What is the general goal of your parent education classes?

To help parents learn practical skills to have a more enjoyable daily family life 

What parenting research is your evidence based parent education classes based on?

Drs. Adler- Dreikurs philosophy, Dr. John Gottman, Dr. Michael Popkin, Dr. Thomas Phelan 

What is the typical duration and format of a Skillful Parenting class?

Most are 2 hours and under for either 2/3 sessions. The format includes video-based learning, discussion, and practical exercises.

How do first-time expectant or new parents tend to approach parenting classes?

Enthusiastic to learn how to understand their new baby’s behaviors and the baby’s effect on their relationship

What are some reasons that parents, who are not new to parenting, take parent education classes?

Trying to improve their interrelationship with their children

Is it necessary for both parents to attend the parenting classes?

No for most of the classes, For the Bringing Baby Home seminar, it is highly recommended

What types of programs do you conduct in the workplace?

Effective Parenting Style, Helping Children Handle Their Emotions, Work – Life Balance 

How does a company benefit from sponsoring a parent education seminar?

Enhances their model of continuous learning; less stress at home can lead to less stress at the company

Share some success stories of parenting situations that became more pleasurable after attending a Skillful Parenting class.

  • An overwhelmed, suddenly single dad transformed his family with 5 children into a team approach operating family. 
  • A recently separated mom realized her excessive talking to her children was not working, so she incorporated more brief action plans that helped both her and her children. 
  • A mom of 3 children learned that the 123 Magic class helped control her temper and also her children’s behavior. 
  • A dad of 2 children learned not to approach problems when he was angry. 
  • A single mom of a toddler now looks forward to her child’s bedtime routine, because she learned ways to make it easier. 
  • A foster mom of 3 became less stressed, because she said she had a better understanding of child development.

It can seem like adults and children pay more attention to their smart phones and other mobile devices than they do to one another. What recommendations do you have for parents in regards to establishing guidelines in the home for the use of smart phones and other mobile devices for email and texting?

Children learn mostly from modeling and consequences. If we want to have our children listen to us, parents need to model spending time listening to their children at all stages of child development. The saying, “Everything in moderation,” is a simple effective guideline for electronic devices, for both parents and children.

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