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“Zero Moment of Truth” – What Is Your Game Plan?

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Strategies For Winning The "Zero Moment Of Truth“ Zero Moment of Truth” may sound ominous but it is actually a marketing opportunity. First introduced by Google in 2011, “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT) - describes an evolution in the way consumers research and make purchases i Read More >

Skillful Parenting Leads to Pleasurable Parenting

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Skillful Parenting Leads to Pleasurable Parenting I asked Helen Nolan, Director of Skillful Parenting, to talk about the benefits of parent education programs. Skillful Parenting, Silver Spring, Md., provides parent education programs encompassing the prenatal stage to teens up  Read More >

Real Estate Agent Branding

Posted by Linda Greenwald

I asked Faith Zeff to write about how her father, Allan Prigal and, her husband, David Zeff, differentiate themselves as real estate agents. Allan and David work together as the real estate agent team of Allan Prigal & Associates RE/MAX Realty Group, Gaithersburg, MD. Faith handles their d Read More >

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