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“Zero Moment of Truth” – What Is Your Game Plan?

Posted by Linda Greenwald

Strategies For Winning The "Zero Moment Of Truth“

Zero Moment of Truth” may sound ominous but it is actually a marketing opportunity.

First introduced by Google in 2011, “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT) - describes an evolution in the way consumers research and make purchases in the digital age.

Google and Shopper Sciences studied the consumer path to purchase. They learned that consumers research before they buy – consulting 11 information sources on average.

As written by the Content Marketing Institute: “What Google discovered is that the "Zero Moment of Truth" between the stimulus and First Moment of Truth is where buyers are conducting important research. Buyers are using a higher average number of online sources in their research (10.4 in 2011 versus 5.27 in 2010), and are spending more time with these sources (17 percent of time in 2011 versus 9 percent in 2010).”

Per Google: The term "First Moment of Truth" (commonly called FMOT) was coined by Procter & Gamble in 2005 to define the first interaction between a shopper and a product on a store's shelf. Today, with increased search engine use - many brand interactions take place between a consumer and a brand before that consumer ever sees a product on a shelf. This phenomena is what Google calls "Zero Moment of Truth", or ZMOT.

Strategies for winning with ZMOT outlined by Sam Sebastian, Director of Local and B2B Markets for Google:

  • Companies should put someone in charge of ZMOT for their organization to cull insights from all marketing efforts.
  • Companies can find their zero moments from keyword analysis and search queries.
  • Search your company name in Google.
  • Search - your company name "review".
  • Search “Best " "your industry category ”.
  • Publish content that answers the questions consumers are asking.
  • Optimize advertising for all devices.
  • Be fast – first to market if possible.
  • Publish how-to and case study videos etc. YouTube is the second biggest search engine.
  • Test and adjust

Get your content game plan together and be there at the  "Zero Moment of Truth".

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