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SEO Campaign Budgets Are Critical

Marketing your company website isn't a one-time job. Every time you launch a successful SEO campaign centered on one or more of your products or services, you'll move up in the rankings, see an increase in website traffic and generate more leads, but it won't last forever. There will always be another website challenging your rank and clawing its way to the top of the SEO for Google heap.

In order to continue ranking high on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, you need to undertake an ongoing website marketing campaign that features diverse and consistent output. Our SEO consulting and optimizing service conducts SEO campaigns in increments of six months, with each increment focusing on a highly targeted group of SEO keywords and attainable, positive goals for your website.

Marketing Technology, Inc. Offers Three SEO Consulting Options

Pay-Per-Result SEO Campaigns

If you've recently established a first-time company website, our pay-per-result SEO for Google solution is a good starting point. Because you aren't yet established and it will take more time to achieve a page one keyword rank, the pay-per-result approach is economical, focusing strongly on three keywords or keyword phrases. The base price is $150 per month, plus an additional $125 each month per keyword that has achieved a page one rank in Google search results.

Once you've established a presence on page one with all three keywords, we suggest you invest in our Starter SEO campaign. It makes more sense financially as well as in terms of positive results, vaulting you to the next level of search engine recognition and rankings.

The Starter Campaign

If you already have an established website or all three of your keywords have landed on page one in Google searches, it's time to consider our Starter Campaign, which is available in one or two six-month installments. We'll do in-depth market research and provide SEO consulting that focuses on a long-range goal of ranking your website for nine keywords. During the Starter Campaign, we work to establish your company's website as a solid contender for high volume, highly competitive keyword phrases.

The Long Term Grow SEO Campaign

When your website achieves success using the Starter Campaign, it's time for you to invest in a long-term strategy that will ensure that you will stay on page one once you've arrived. You'll achieve rankings for those keywords and phrases that are high volume search terms within your niche market, generating more targeted traffic to your website and bringing you more viable leads. Throughout your Long Term SEO Campaign, we'll add new and more targeted keyword phrases to your campaign and utilize additional SEO for Google tools such as social media and blogs to improve keyword page rank, funnel more visitors to your website and ensure that those visitors are strong leads or new customers.

We Suggest A Combination Of SEO Consulting Tools To Generate Traffic And Create Buzz

Our Pay-Per-Result/Social Media Content Combination starts at $4,000 for a full six months of in-depth SEO consulting, including targeted keywords and full, social media content development for a variety of social media outlets.

A variety of social media outlets will be used in our social media campaign for your website, including:

  • On-site blog posts and guest posts on industry specific blogs
  • Press releases that announce your company's latest achievements and generate interest in new developments
  • Social media enhancements such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ to keep the conversation going
  • Online articles that are search engine optimized and full of helpful, relevant information for your customers
  • eNewsletters so you can stay in touch with customers, business associates and industry professionals while giving them valuable information about your company and its services
  • eBooks that capture your knowledge and translate it to the written word. We will work closely with you to craft professional publications tied to your company's products and services

SEO Pricing

SEO Services - Website Promotion

Pay Per Result SEO Campaign

Starter SEO  Campaign

SEO Grow Plan Campaign

Keyword Research X X X
On-page keyword optimization X X X
Link building - off-page optimization 3 Keywords 9 Keywords 24 Keywords
Social Media Optimization X X X
Directory Submissions X X X
SEO Article Writing and Online Distribution X X X
Social Bookmarking X X X
Press Releases & Distribution X X X
Local Search Marketing - - X
Monthly SEO Campaign Results Report X X X

Call Marketing Technology, Inc. at (301) 327-4034 to learn more about SEO Consulting and Social Media Campaigns that promote your company's goods and services across a multitude of outlets for optimal page ranking.

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