Marketing Technology, Inc. Creates Custom Websites and Custom Business Content

The Beauty and Flexibility of Business Catalyst Custom Websites Includes:

  • Every aspect of your website is designed and implemented on a website hosting platform that allows you to manage content, upload photos and video and create your own interactive company blog.
  • An easy learning curve so that you'll soon be able to use our website platform to customize everything from your online blog to your own business shopping cart.
  • Interactive features that will foster positive customer relationships and encourage visitors to take action.
  • Search engine optimized website copy that appeals to both search engines and the visitors to your custom website.

Contact us today to discuss your business' current website needs and how we can help you create custom websites that you can manage from anywhere. We'll prepare a detailed proposal that targets your company's niche market through website development, on-line search engine optimization and regularly updated SEO content that drives visitors to click-through for more information or to make a purchase.

Custom Websites Development Using Business Catalyst Website Platform

No two website development projects are the same. At Marketing Technology, Inc., we pride ourselves on giving each client a unique online presence and ongoing support on a monthly basis using the powerful Business Catalyst Website Platform.

A typical starting budget for our ongoing service might look like this:

  • Website Design, Development and Search Engine Optimized Content
  • 10 page brochure website: $8,000 budget
  • Adobe Business Catalyst Website Hosting Subscription: $500 /year budget
  • Starter Ecommerce Business Website: $11,000

Your Starter Custom Website Development Package Includes:

  • Keyword research
  • Customized, written website copy and original content, fully optimized up to 10 pages
  • Original website design
  • Ongoing website development
  • Adobe website hosting for one year

Call us today for a website that carves a successful Internet marketing niche and increases traffic to your business website, converting visitors to customers.

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