SEO Campaign Overview: SEO Content & Inbound Links Increase Website Traffic

SEO Campaign Goal: Establish and maintain high ranking keyword search terms that increase quality website traffic and bring new business opportunities.

Businesses that rank highly in organic search results understand that superior SEO content and high-value inbound links result in more leads and more qualified customers. A website that ranks on the first pages of organic keyword search results is often successful as the result of a carefully crafted ongoing SEO campaign. These companies make SEO a permanent part of their marketing budget.

Ongoing SEO Campaign: SEO results will decline over time if you stop adding inbound links and new content to your website. Your competition also wants to rank on page one of organic search results for similar terms; this creates an ongoing jockeying for the top position.

Keep in mind that the job of search engines is to determine the most accurate search results for any given keyword search. To do so, their algorithms need to understand the focus of each website page and determine the significance of a website based on the types of websites and social media sites that link to it.

SEO Campaign Focus: Local, National, International: Your SEO campaign will be targeted to your trade area, be it local, national or international.

If your trade area is local, we utilize geo-targeted content and keywords, local directories, and Google Plus Local to increase your website’s performance for local keyword searches.

If your target area is national or international, we gear our SEO approach to your larger trade area and keyword competition.

Whether you have single or multiple locations or operate virtually, Marketing Technology, Inc. can tailor the SEO campaign to your business profile.

  • SEO Campaign Elements: Keyword rich website content and high value inbound links
  • On-page SEO Content Optimization: Marketing Technology, Inc. writes keyword rich content that ensures the focus of your website is clear to the search engines as well as website visitors. We monitor keyword performance and adjust the target keyword list as necessary. Your website needs to rank successfully when your customers are searching.

    If you have an existing website, our SEO content writers can rework your present online content, adding SEO for Google and other search engines, or write fresh SEO content from scratch.

  • Establish Quality Inbound Links to Website: To out-rank your competitors, we can build a network of quality backlinks that will increase your website's visibility with the most popular search engines. We can generate website backlinks from online directories, social media bookmarks, relevant blogs, carefully crafted press releases and keyword focused articles we distribute through proven venues related to your industry. The variety of elements we use to establish a multitude of website backlinks can achieve positive SEO for Google and other search engines.
  • Social Media Posts: We’ll make social media participation a component of your SEO campaign. We’ll post content to social media platforms such as Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter to increase your company’s following. We also provide blog and social media planning and management training, which allows you to jump on the social media band wagon to further your business interests.
  • By utilizing SEO best practices, we will reinforce your authority as an expert within your niche market to dramatically increase your website's visibility and improve your keyword rankings.

Contact Marketing Technology Inc. today for a free evaluation of your website’s current status for search engine optimization and keyword ranking.

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